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Our Solution

The multifamily property the Residences at Lakeview in Memphis, TN needed a new clubhouse to better serve their residents. An existing apartment building from the 1970s was torn down to provide space for this new clubhouse.

The main challenge with this demolition and construction project centered around the proximity to the lake. The clubhouse site was within one foot of the lake shoreline and also next to existing apartment buildings, and so each phase of the project had to be carefully planned as to not disturb the surroundings. While this was a primary challenge, it also gave Grace Construction an opportunity to present creative solutions to this issue.

As one such solution, we utilized forty-four helical piers drilled into the ground to a depth of 25 feet. This helped to create a stable foundation for the new clubhouse near the lake. We also tied structures into the existing seawall to ensure the new building foundation did not compromise the seawall.

Exterior framing, siding installation, masonry, and painting required scaffolding to be built over the lake to access those areas. Even more, some work could only be accomplished by boat. Grace Construction created this novel and necessary approach to work in this environment.

Despite the obstacles, we constructed a beautiful cantilevered balcony and dock that extended over the lake, complementing the new clubhouse and meeting the client's expectations. The ideas our team generated not only ensured the smooth execution of the project, but also fostered a strong relationship with the client leading to repeat business.

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